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Food Wave needs you and your ideas to change the future of our cities. Together we can transform urban space and make it greener and more sustainable. How? Creating a new, fairer food system! Street actions, training opportunities, social gardens: with Food Wave you can create an urban regeneration project and give life to new aggregation centres.

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    Our main goals

    1.Creating a new alliance between cities youth and local communities
    2.Take action together to fight climate change
    3.Give voice and power to young people

    Our message

    Join Food Wave and help us build a new alliance of cities, young
    people, and communities toward sustainable, inclusive, and
    greener urban spaces.


    Ask for planet

    Food Wave's goal is to build a new alliance between cities, youths, and local communities in order to create sustainable, inclusive, and greener urban spaces. This year’s Youth COP and Pre-COP offers us a great opportunity: to include our message into the agendas of politicians and institutions, and draw their attention to the actions we need to take for the ecological transition of our cities.

    Together, let's make a common climate appeal by participating in the Ask For Planet challenge!


    Catch the wave and lead the change, use our hashtag and spread the voice!


    From Youth4Climate to World Food Day