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Food Wave needs you and your ideas to change the future of our cities. Together we can transform urban space and make it greener and more sustainable. How? Creating a new, fairer food system! Street actions, training opportunities, social gardens: with Food Wave you can create an urban regeneration project and give life to new aggregation centres.

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    Our main goals

    1.Creating a new alliance between cities youth and local communities
    2.Take action together to fight climate change
    3.Give voice and power to young people

    Our message

    Join Food Wave and help us build a new alliance of cities, young
    people, and communities toward sustainable, inclusive, and
    greener urban spaces.



    Tue, 18 April 2023

    Food Wave in action: youth participation in food policies

    ACRA Online Event

    Sat, 18 March 2023 – Sat, 13 May 2023

    Che ne sai tu di un campo di grano?

    ACRA Milan

    Tue, 25 April 2023

    Foraging in Malmo

    City of Malmö Malmö

    Sat, 15 April 2023 – Wed, 19 April 2023

    Food Cycles

    CLLD Network of Lisbon Lisbon

    Thu, 9 March 2023

    Food, life and the climate

    City of Malmö Malmö

    Tue, 14 March 2023 – Fri, 30 June 2023

    Lead The Change, workshops on sustainable food

    City of Bruges Bruges

    Fri, 12 May 2023

    Local street food festival and graffiti contest

    Wcycle Institute of Maribor Maribor

    Wed, 22 March 2023

    Film screening and discussion with Joris Lohman of the “The Future of Food”

    City of Almere Almere


    Stories Hub

    Every great project has its own story. Ours is made up of many. Training, sharing, activism: take a look at the experiences of community activists leading the change — starting with food.



    13 December 2022 Food Wave activists at the 11th “Let’s Liberate Diversity” Forum FOOD SYSTEMS
    24 October 2022 Food Wave among sustainability projects recognised by the Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias ADVOCACY, NETWORKING
    5 August 2022 Food Wave takes Angel Central: a big street action in the heart of London STREET ACTION
    29 July 2022 Another round, another race: 6 new project ideas led by Municipalities in 6 EU countries awarded through our call for proposals CALL FOR PROPOSALS
    27 July 2022 Listening to their voices: sustainability through the eyes of youth FOOD SYSTEMS, SUSTAINABLE BEHAVIOURS
    20 June 2022 Every food is a landscape: the sixteen artists awarded through the first Food Wave artistic call coordinated by BJCEM CALL FOR PROPOSALS
    20 May 2022 Food Wave supports 10 project ideas led by Municipalities and targeting Young People, all over Europe! CALL FOR PROPOSALS, NETWORKING
    11 March 2022 Empowering youth for climate action: a dialogue between young activists and policy makers in the framework of the #All4Climate programme NETWORKING