Francesca Massazza - Food Wave

Francesca Massazza

26, Italy, Sestriere (TO) Eating City 2017 and 2018; EC Food Wave first online meeting

Food Wave was, is and will be an awesome experience that made me understand the importance of each one and especially made me grateful of the choices I made in my career to become every day more concerned about food, nutrition and sustainability. In addition, FW gave me the opportunity to meet awesome people and to increase my contact of sustainability activists.

How do you address climate change?
Share with us your “recipe”!

I address climate change everyday through my job. I work as a nutritionist in a caneen company, and I am trying to improve nutrition quality of restaurant menus but also nutrition concerned of customers. My recipes is Italian, seasonal and delicious: “Spaghetti with Agretti and anchiovy”

Never stop believing in the power of yourself to change other behavior. Be their guide and they will trust and follow you.