Rabih Hamid - Food Wave

Rabih Hamid

34, Netherlands, Wageningen Future Food institute December 2021 boot camp " Smart Cities "

It was a remarkable milestone in building a wide knowledge about food sustainability from experts in an interactive structure with 30+ diffrent nationalities; this gave the experience a holistic perspective for the climate change impact and practices in the world; Hackathon is great we won!

How do you address climate change?
Share with us your “recipe”!

I am from Lebanon, my experience regarding the change is from a financial crisis perspective; me and the team we started a regenerative agriculture model over 10km2 back in march 2020 when COVID-19 started to hit, now we are dealing with 80km2 growing more than 30 diffrent type of food and protein

Biodiversity in Nature is why we have an opportunity to enjoy Life if our choice is to sustain it we have to act toward building up our know how to conserve Biodiversity and a sustainable world in all aspect from recycling to up-cycling and efficiency to improve our chances in enjoying life